Top Tips for Choosing a Harness for Your Great Dane

There are so advantages to using harnesses instead of collars. When choosing a harness for your Great Dane, one of your top considerations should be your pet's comfort and safety. You want to choose a safe and comfortable harness that is appropriate for your dog's shape, size, and personality. Whether you are a new pet owner or a seasoned one, make sure that choose a harness that can give your better control, especially because you have a large dog breed. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember if you are looking the best Great Dane harness.

First, make sure that you choose a harness that connects properly. This means that you have to decide first where to connect the leash to the harness that you are planning to buy. You have two options: a front clip and a back clip.

 Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. A front clip may provide you with better control, but it does not actually tame aggressive dogs plus it may get tangled up on your dog's legs. A back clip, on the other hand, offers limited control but it is easier to apply and is more comfortable for your pet because it can protect his neck. Learn more about the  best harness for a large breed here.

Second, if you are purchasing the harness in-store, make sure that you bring your dog with you so that you can ensure that the fit is great for him. This is ideal to be certain that you are choosing the right harness for your Great Dane's size and personality. If your dog has never worn a harness before, make sure that you also take this into account since he can be nervous about trying one on in an unfamiliar environment. Make sure that you are prepared for any unexpected events. Remember also that you are entitled to a refund in case you purchase a harness that is of low quality or is not the perfect fit.  Find out more about the Best cockapoo harness now.

‚Ä®Finally, if you are buying your harness online, make sure that you know your dog's measurements. Measure him beforehand and check this against the fitting guide provided by the online store. When you have any questions about the fit, there is no harm in contacting their customer service hotline and inquiring. Taking your dog out on a walk to test out a new harness is not advisable as there are too many unpredictable variables.  Learn more now :

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